• Make A Plan: You and your family members may not be in the same place when an emergency happens. It is important to plan ahead and talk about what you will do before, during and after an emergency. You need to talk about how will you get to a safe place, get in touch with each other and get back to each other. Learn more about creating a family emergency plan.
  • Build a Kit: The time to put an emergency kit together is before a disaster. An emergency kit is a container of items your family may need in or after an emergency.  You need to put enough water, food and supplies in your kit for three to seven day for each person and pet.  Learn more about how to build your emergency preparedness  kit.
  • Get the App:The ReadyNC mobile app is an all-in-one tool to help people get ready for everything from traffic jams to hurricanes and ice storms. The app gives information on real-time traffic and weather conditions, river levels, evacuations and power outages. For people living in or visiting North Carolina, this is an all-in-one FREE tool for emergency preparedness. Download it today! 


 In the event of a public health emergency or disaster: 

  • The Cleveland County Public Health Center in coordination with local emergency management will open temporary clinic sites, also called a Point of Dispensing (POD). At a POD, preventative medication and/or vaccine is given to people who are NOT sick. 
  • There are 4 locations in Cleveland County designated by the Cleveland County Public Health Center to open as POD sites as needed. These have been strategically picked to best serve our community needs throughout Cleveland County.
  • In the event that mass dispensing is deemed necessary by state and local officials, information about POD locations, dates, and times will be made available through local media. You should always report to the POD site closest to your home.